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Abramovic, Marina; Atlas, Charles «The Biography»
Abramovic, Marina; Atlas, Charles, «The Biography», 1992 – 1993
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Works by Abramovic, Marina; Atlas, Charles:

The Biography


 Abramovic, Marina; Atlas, Charles

Marina Abramovic
1946 born in Belgrade (YU); 1970 graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Belgrade; 1972 postgraduate studies in Zagreb (YU); 1973–1975 lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Novi Sad (YU); 1976 move to Amsterdam; since 1968 texts, drawings and conceptual works; since 1973 realizing performances; 1976–1989 artistic collaboration with Ulay, culminating in the final joint performance «Great Wall Walk»; professor at the Academy of Fine Arts, Braunschweig; lives in Amsterdam (NL).

Charles Atlas
b 1949 One of the premier interpreters of dance, theater and performance on video since 1978. He transforms this genre into a provocative and ironic collusion of narrative and fictional modes with performance documentary. In vibrant pastiches of narrative and performance, he has collaborated with international performers and choreographers, including Merce Cunningham, Michael Clark, Leigh Bowery, John Kelly, Karole Armitage, Bill Irwin, and Marina Abramovic.