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Vito Acconci «Following Piece»
Vito Acconci, «Following Piece», 1969
Photography | © Vito Acconci

 Vito Acconci

b 1940 in New York (USA); 1962 B.A. in literature at Holly Cross College, Worcester, Massachusetts (USA); 1964 M.A in literature and poetry at the University of Iowa. He taught the theory of art in schools of the visual arts in New York, wrote short novels and stories which he published in magazines (Olympia Magazine, Paris) before devoting himself entirely to poetry. The context of conceptual art and the network of galleries enabled Vito Acconci to move from poetry to the visual arts. His preoccupations were now orientated towards "real space (for example, the physical space, the social space, the cultural space, the day-to-day, time) which he explored using various media. Acconci, known for his performance and video work of the early 1970s, began in the 1980s to concern himself with private domestic spaces and public spaces for interaction. His many projects include parks, playgrounds, and "anti-monuments". Lives in New York City.