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Works by Marc Adrian:

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 Marc Adrian

born 1930 in Vienna, Austria; 1948–1954 studied Sculpture at the Vienna Academy of Visual Arts; 1948 first sculptural works; Marc Adrien – together with Herbert Vesely, Peter Kubelka, Ferry Radax, and Kurt Kren – belongs to the first postwar generation of Austrian avant-garde filmmakers best-known for developing their often privately financed and so-called «structuralist films» in the 1950s; 1961 founding member of «nouvelle tendence,» Zagreb; from 1965, studied Perceptual Psychology at the University of Vienna; 1970–1973 Painting and Aesthetic Theory professorship at the School of Visual Arts, Hamburg; 1980–1981 colleague at the Center for Advanced Visual Studies of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, USA; 1988–1989 Hospice Ordinarius for Visual Communication at the Hessen University and Polytechnic of Kassel; since 1965, lives and works alternating between Austria, Germany, France, and USA.