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Radúz Çinçera «Kinoautomat»
Radúz Çinçera, «Kinoautomat» One Man and his Jury, 1967
© Radúz Çinçera


Works by Radúz Çinçera:

Kinoautomat: One Man and his Jury

Montreal | Canada | 4' | 35mm film, b/w, sound; interactive film with live performance on stage, electronic polling system | Concept: Josev Svoboda, Jaroslav Fric, Bohumil Mika | Director: Vladimír Tosek | Camera: Jan Eisner | film (7mm) transferred to DVD

 Radúz Çinçera

b 1923 – 1999 in Prague (CZ). Filmmaker and TV director, director of the first »interactive film,» the so-called «Kinoautomat.»