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convex tv. «convex tv. [on air]»
convex tv., «convex tv. [on air]», 1997
© convex tv.


 convex tv.

1996 founding of «convex tv.»:

Micz Flor
b 1969 in Unna; 1990-97 studied Psychology in Darmstadt, Manchester (UK), and Berlin; 1995 founded the art and culture mediation association 'luxus cont'; works as curator, network artist, and editor; lives in Vienna.

Florian Clauß
b 1973 in Stuttgart; since 1993 has studied Theater and Cultural Studies, Berlin; lives in Berlin.

Stefan Schreck
b 1968 in Cologne; 1989-99 studied Journalism and German in Cologne and Berlin; work in data bank programming and in screen and sound design; lives and works in Berlin.

Martin Conrads
b 1969 in Cologne; 1990-98 studied Communication Science, Psychology and Modern History in Mainz and Berlin; works in the area of ram, text, html, technics, etc.; lives and works as a freelance author in Berlin.

Ulrich Gutmair
b 1968 in Dillingen an der Donau; 1990-99 studied Journalism and History at the FU (Free University) Berlin; lives and works as a freelance author in Berlin.

Silvan Linden
b 1968 in Cologne; 1989-96 studied Architecture in Aachen; lives and works as an architect in Berlin.

Other members: Benjamin Beck, Chris Flor, Heike Föll, Anja Heilmann, Tanja Lay, Kito Nedo and Stephanie Wurster.