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De digitale Stad (DDS) «The digital City» | De digitale Stad (DDS)
De digitale Stad (DDS), «The digital City», 1994
De digitale Stad (DDS) | © De digitale Stad (DDS)
DDS's first graphic interface, created in HyperCard and carefully used in Mosaic 1.03. First DDS was mail, archie, talk, muds, nn, gopher. Early DDS buildup was a series of talks, events and work-in-progress. This image reflects a moment in the [more]more


Works by De digitale Stad (DDS):

The digital City

Netherlands | internet server

 De digitale Stad (DDS)

The Digital City (DDS) was founded in 1994 by people visiting the meeting »Hacking at the End of the Universe.» The project's objective was to provide Internet access and a space for the community of independent groups, artists and culture organisations. One of the collaborators was Walter van der Cruijsen, still active today as a networker.