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Stan Douglas «Onomatopoeia»
Stan Douglas, «Onomatopoeia», 1985 – 1986
Photography | © Stan Douglas

slide installation, 6 min. each rotation, b/w, sound, 154 slides, 88-note player piano, music roll, screen, dimensions variable | slide projection

 Stan Douglas

b 1960 Vancouver, Canada. After one year, he abandons his studies at the Emily Carr College of Art, Vancouver (1982) and the artist remains largely autodidactic. The Concept Art tradition of the 1960s and 1970s is clearly evident in Stan Douglas’ work, even when his ordering attempts lean more so on the production methods found in the worlds of film and photography. He excels in incorporating new media technologies in his works, which always seem infected with popular genres. Meanwhile his installation art, oscillating between film, video and photography, ranks among one of Canada’s most important cultural exports. Douglas lives in Vancouver.