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Eduardo Kac «GFP Bunny»
Eduardo Kac, «GFP Bunny», 2000
Photography | © Eduardo Kac

 Eduardo Kac

b 1962 in Rio de Janeiro. Lives and works in Chicago. Eduardo Kac is internationally recognized for his interactive net installations and his bio art. A pioneer of telecommunications art in the pre-Web 1980s, Eduardo Kac emerged in the early 1990s with his radical telepresence and biotelematic works. His visionary combination of robotics and networking explores the fluidity of subject positions in the post-digital world. His work deals with issues that range from the mythopoetics of online experience (Uirapuru) to the cultural impact of biotechnology (Genesis); from the changing condition of memory in the digital age (Time Capsule) to distributed collective agency (Teleporting an Unknown State); from the problematic notion of the ‹exotic› (Rara Avis) to the creation of life and evolution (GFP Bunny).