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Ken Feingold «The Surprising Spiral»
Ken Feingold, «The Surprising Spiral»
© Ken Feingold

United States | 5*3 m (W*H) | dt: Projektion 112 x 150 cm, Commodore Amiga 2000, Videoprojektor, Laserdisk-Player, Video/ Audio auf Laserdisk, Buchatrappe mit Touchscreen, Kunststoffmund mit Sensor, Podest, Tisch, Bank, Software (AmigaDOS, AmigaVision 1.7). en: projection 112 x 150 cm, Comodore Amiga 2000, Video projector, Laserdisc-Player, video/audio on laserdisc, book dummy with touch screen, plastic mouth with sensor, platform, table, bank, software (AmigaDOS, AmigaVision 1.7). | Concept: Ken Feingold | Edition / Production: Ken Feingold | Archive / Collection: ZKM, Karlsruhe

 Ken Feingold

*1952 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA); 1970–76 studies of Art and Information Theory, Antioch College, Yellow Spings, Ohio (USA); California Institute of the Arts, School of Art, Valencia (USA); 1977–85 Associate Professor of Fine Art, Minneapolis College of Art & Design (USA); 1989–94 Adjunct Associate Professor, Princeton University, Visual Arts Program Arts and Council on the Humanities (USA); 1993–94 Adjunct Associate Professor, Cooper Union School of Arts for the Advancement of Art and Science, New York (USA); 1993–98 Professor for Computer Art and faculty member of the School of Visual Arts, New York (USA).
Ken Feingold's work involves photography, film, video and interactive installations. His works provide innovative interfaces between the human being and the virtual world. The complicated mechanical and technological production of his installations is not only influenced by specific insights that the computer technologies provide, but also by Critical Theory and Philosophy. Lives and works in New York.