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Fleischmann, Monika; Strauss, Wolfgang «Home of the Brain»
Fleischmann, Monika; Strauss, Wolfgang, «Home of the Brain», 1992
© Fleischmann, Monika; Strauss, Wolfgang


 Fleischmann, Monika; Strauss, Wolfgang

Monika Fleischmann
b 1950 in Karlsruhe; 1966–68 trained as a fashion designer at the Modeschule (Fashion School) Zurich; 1968–75 fashion designer in Munich, Rome, and Berlin; 1976–82 studied Visual Arts/Aesthetic Pedagogy and Acting/Theater Pedagogy at the Hochschule der Künste (College of Fine Arts), Berlin, at the Pädagogischen Hochschule (Pedagogical College) and at the Institut für Spiel- und Theaterpädagogik (Institute for Play and Theater Pedagogy), Berlin; 1980–87 culture feature author for television; 1987 founded ARTWORK, Office for Architecture, Art, and Media, with Wolfgang Strauss; 1988 co-founder of 'art+com', Berlin; since 1992, media art projects at the Institut für Medienkommunikation (Institute for Media Communication) at the GMD Research Center for Information Technology, Sankt Augustin; 1995 Initiator of the CYBERSTAR competition for interactive (TV) concepts together with WDR broadcasting; lives and works in Bonn and Gargnano (I).

Wolfgang Strauss
b 1951; media artist and architect; 1988 co-founder of 'art+com', Berlin; developed methods of intermedial public relations; worked together with Monika Fleischmann and others in the areas of real-time installation and interfaces in work rooms with a focus on the human body; instructor at the Hochschule Bildende Kunst Saar (Saar College of Fine Arts), Saarbrucken.