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Herbert W. Franke «Digital Einstein»
Herbert W. Franke, «Digital Einstein», 1973
© Herbert W. Franke

Bildserie für Überblendungsprojektion Computergraphik und elektronisches Display

 Herbert W. Franke

b 1927 in Vienna (A). Studied Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Psychology and Philosophy in Vienna and received his Ph.D. in Philosophy. Since 1953 literary writings (Science Fiction). The cybernetician and theorist Herbert W. Franke had been working with digital graphics since 1969. He annotated the IBM anthology of computer art in 1975, which investigated the deployment of the computer as a tool in artistic fields. Although similarly based on random patterns generated with punched tape, in contrast to computer graphics his studies in electronic image processing («Picture Processing») did not generate pre-programmed structures, and even allowed existing pictures to be altered directly on the monitor.
Publications include: »Phänomen Kunst« (1967); »Computergraphik - Computerkunst« (1971); »Kunst kontra Technik« (1978); »Wege zur Computerkunst« (1995); »Ästhetische Information« (together with H. G. Frank, 1997); »Animation mit Mathematica« (2002).