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Karl Gerstner «Auto-Vision» | Experimente zur optischen Verzerrung
Karl Gerstner, «Auto-Vision», 1964
Experimente zur optischen Verzerrung | Photography | © Karl Gerstner

 Karl Gerstner

Karl Gerstner is one of Switzerland's preeminent graphic designers. In 1959, he and Markus Kutter founded the agency Gerstner + Kutter, which later became Gerstner, Gredinger, and Kutter(GGK). Before long, the agency had become one of the largest internationally acclaimed advertising firms in Switzerland. After withdrawing from active agency work, Gerstner designed the corporate identities for such companies as Swiss Air and Burda and Langenscheidt in addition to working as worldwide identity consultant and designer for IBM. Gerstner lives and works in Switzerland.