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Gruber, Bettina; Vedder, Maria «Anubis' Heart Beat»
Gruber, Bettina; Vedder, Maria, «Anubis' Heart Beat», 1988
© Gruber, Bettina; Vedder, Maria


Works by Gruber, Bettina; Vedder, Maria:

Anubis' Heart Beat


 Gruber, Bettina; Vedder, Maria

Maria Vedder
b 1948 in Cologne; studied photography (Dipl.Ing.) and social science, theatre, film and television at theUniversity of Cologne; also taught electronic media there from 1979-89; in the 80s, worked with Bettina Gruber on videotapes and installations; from 1991 professor of media art at the Hochschule der Künste, Berlin; lives and works in Berlin.

Bettina Gruber
b no date named; 1969-70 and 1973-75 studied at the Hochschule der K¸nste (College of Fine Arts), Berlin; 1970-72 trained as a photographer, London; travel in Asia, America, North Africa; since 1975 work in the areas of video, photography, and installation; drawings and objects; lives and works in Cologne.