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Harmon, Leon; Knowlton, Kenneth (Harmon/Knowlton) «Nude»
Harmon, Leon; Knowlton, Kenneth (Harmon/Knowlton), «Nude», 1966
1967 | ©


Works by Harmon, Leon; Knowlton, Kenneth (Harmon/Knowlton):


Philadelphia | United States | Concept: Ken Knowlton and Leon Harmon, Bell Laboratories | Photograph: Max Mathews | Participants: Deborah Hay | Archive / Collection: Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia

 Harmon, Leon; Knowlton, Kenneth (Harmon/Knowlton)

Leon Harmon, in collaboration with Kenneth Knowlton and working for Bell Labs in Murray Hill, NJ, experimented with human pattern perception and art by perfecting a technique that scanned, fragmented and reconstructed a picture using patterns of dots (such as symbols or printer characters.)