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Internationale Stadt (International City Federation) «International City»
Internationale Stadt (International City Federation), «International City», 1994 – 1997
© Internationale Stadt (International City Federation)


Works by Internationale Stadt (International City Federation):

International City


 Internationale Stadt (International City Federation)

In 1994/95, «Internationalen Stadt» (International City Federation) was founded by the 4 members of «Handshake» (Barbara Aselmeier, Joachim Blank, Armin Haase, Karlheinz Jeron), Thomas Kaulmann, Frank Kunkel, and Gereon Schmitz. The conceptual model was Digital City Amsterdam. In 1996, Max Bareis, Valentina Djordjevic, and Norbert Hartel joined the team. In 1997, the project was dissolved and is currently online only as a project archive.