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Lisa Jevbratt «1:1» | Every Access
Lisa Jevbratt, «1:1», 1999 – 2001
Every Access | © Lisa Jevbratt


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United States

 Lisa Jevbratt

b 1967 in Vaxholm (S); lives in San José (USA).
Lisa Jevbratt is a Swedish research theorist, systems and Internet artist. Her projects explore data mining, organizational structures, information filtering, data organization and mapping, aesthetic, political, and cultural implications of the languages and protocols of emerging technologies. She is a member of C5 and a board member of the New Langton Arts Gallery in San Francisco where she is curating the Net Work program. Jevbratt has an MFA in Computers In Fine Art from the CADRE Institute at San Jose State University, where she is currently teaching. Jevbratt’s works and collaborations essentially create new imagery by reorganizing the oceans of data on the Internet and other created networks in unique ways. Theory becomes concrete using data as the medium.