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Jan-Peter E. R. Sonntag «Modern Minimal Disco»
Jan-Peter E. R. Sonntag, «Modern Minimal Disco», 1996
Photography | © Jan-Peter E. R. Sonntag


Works by Jan-Peter E. R. Sonntag:

Modern Minimal Disco

Germany | steel pedestal, headset, audio cd | sound

 Jan-Peter E. R. Sonntag

b 1965 in Lübeck (D); 1986–1998 studies of Art, Art History, Music, German Literature, Sociology and Philosophy (Aesthetics); 1989 first meeting with the German artist Franz Erhard Walther followed by collaborative performances; 1993–1995 Artistic Advisor, Stiftung Weimarer Klassik für experimentelle Kunst und Musik in a dialogue with the current research on Nietzsche; since 1990 site-specific, interactive installations on perception of light and sound; since 1995 work on the interface of the human body and technical/medial systems, presented in the context of the «White Cube.» Lives and works in Oldenburg, Berlin, and Barcelona (E).