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Friedrich Kiesler «Raumbühne» | Internationale Ausstellung neuer Theatertechnik, Wien 1924
Friedrich Kiesler, «Raumbühne», 1924
Internationale Ausstellung neuer Theatertechnik, Wien 1924 | © Friedrich Kiesler


Works by Friedrich Kiesler:


Vienna | Austria | 15*15*6 m (W*H*D)

 Friedrich Kiesler

* 1890 in Czernowitz—died 1965. Architect, artist, designer, stage designer, theoretician. From 1908 to 1913 he studied at the Akademie der bildenden Künste and at the Wiener Technische Hochschule. Subsequent to his internationally acclaimed exhibition projects on theater in Berlin, Vienna and Paris Kiesler was invited to New York in 1926 where he had been working as a designer, a stage designer and an architect until his death in 1965. Correalism was the central theme of his concepts in developing these artistic disciplines: Kiesler's theory of the endless and multidimensional correlation between the human being, the arts and the space. Kiesler's artistic and theoretical oeuvre is regarded as one of the most important contributions to European and American Avant-Garde.