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Kurt Schwitters «Ursonate»
Kurt Schwitters, «Ursonate», 1922 – 1932
© Kurt Schwitters

 Kurt Schwitters

b 1887 in Hannover (D) - died 1948 in Canada
Schwitters was a many-sided talented artist, his interest ranged from the painting, the sculpture and the graphics to the architecture and the literature. After his art studies in dresden he turned back to hannover, where in 1917 his first poetries and from 1918 his first abstract paintings were generated. For his work Schwitters invented the term MERZ. From 1920 he worked on the >Merzbau<- a over-all work of art. He socialised close contacts with the dadaists an the members of the De–Stijl-group. In 1937 he emigrated to Norway, in germany his work was regarded >entartete kunst<. There he startet his second >Merzbau<, but he had to leave it behind while his flight to Geat Britain.