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Bernd Lintermann «Morphogenesis»
Bernd Lintermann, «Morphogenesis», 1997
Screenshot | © Bernd Lintermann

Germany | SGI Onyx/ Infinite Reality, Interface-Box, Serielles Kabel, Stromkabel, 3D-Brillen, Internetzugang, selbstentwickelte Software. | Concept: Bernd Lintermann | Edition / Production: Bernd Lintermann | Archive / Collection: ZKM, Karlsruhe

 Bernd Lintermann

*1967 in Düsseldorf (D); lives and works in Karlsruhe; since 1986 studies in Computer Science (focussing on computer graphics) at the University of Karlsruhe (TH); 1994–95 collaborator for the ESPRIT-project HUMANOID on real tima animation of human figures, Universtiy of Karlsruhe; since 1995 development of an integrated modelling, animation and rendering system «xfrog» for complex geometrical structures especially for organic objects, plants and growth simulation; since 1996 freelance collaborator at ZKM/Institut for Visual Media, Karlsruhe; artistic and scientific exploration of the program «xfrog.»