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Loeffler, Carl; Truck, Fred «Art Com Electronic Network (ACEN)» | Cark Loeffler
Loeffler, Carl; Truck, Fred, «Art Com Electronic Network (ACEN)», 1986
Cark Loeffler | Photography | © Loeffler, Carl; Truck, Fred


Works by Loeffler, Carl; Truck, Fred:

Art Com Electronic Network (ACEN)

United States

 Loeffler, Carl; Truck, Fred

Organizer and researcher who was one of the first to get involved in communication projets and artist run organizations; started with La Mamelle, an important artist-run center in San Francisco that eventually became ArtCom. ArtCom was also a publication, later as ACEN (ArtCom Electronic Network) on the Well. Carl Loeffler and La Mamelle organised the «Artists' Use of Telecommunications Conference» at the SF MoMA in 1980.; in the early 1990s fellow at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, in the Studio for Creative Inquiry, working with his long time collaborator Fred Truck on the early stages of a PC based networked VR project. Died in 2001.

Carl Loeffler collaborated often with Fred Truck—an artist/programmer, based in Des Moines, When Loeffler was a fellow at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, in 1993 Truck showed «The Labyrinth» (an immersive interactive artwork, and a component of the Loeffler project) at «Machine Culture,» an exhibition of interactive installation curated by Simon Penny for Siggraph '93 in Anaheim, California (USA).