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Miltos Manetas «Flames 1+2»
Miltos Manetas, «Flames 1+2», 1997
Screenshot | © Miltos Manetas

 Miltos Manetas

b 1964 in Athen (GR). Studied Art at the Brera Accademia/Milan (I). Lives and works in Los Angeles and New York (USA). »Manetas has produced oil paintings of wires, cables and computer hardware, created short looped fragments of video games such as »Tomb Raider«, and exhibited computer-generated vibracolour prints among other things. But he was impatient with critics and curators who had yet to come up with a really good ›-ism‹ for this new generation of creativity. After securing financial assistance from a nonprofit called the Art Production Fund, Manetas went out and hired Lexicon Branding, a California firm responsible for creating such product names as Powerbook, Pentium, Zima, Swiffer and Dasani. Lexicon's assignment was to create a name for this new movement.« (Manetas on Manetas)