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Paik, Nam June; Abe, Shuya «Paik/Abe Synthesizer»
Paik, Nam June; Abe, Shuya, «Paik/Abe Synthesizer», 1969
Courtesy: Kunsthalle Bremen, Bremen | Photography | © Paik, Nam June; Abe, Shuya


Works by Paik, Nam June; Abe, Shuya:

Paik/Abe Synthesizer

Boston | United States

 Paik, Nam June; Abe, Shuya

Nam June Paik is the only artist in the world who has worked continuously with video and television since the early 1960s; he is seen as the major pioneer of video art.
1969 work with the Japanese electrical engineer Shuya Abe; joint development of the video synthesizer named after them for creating abstract images from existing video material.