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 Rabotnik TV

Since 1982 Radio Rabotnik TV was active in Amsterdam, initially as a pirate station. On the concept one of its members Menno Grootveld states in 1988 on «Kunstradio»:
«As a radio-station, «Radio Rabotnik» worked with cut-up techniques and experimental and industrial sounds linking it to Industrial Culture. It was important for the formation of broadcasting schedules. Everything was supposed to have its time and own pace for development, music, compositions of environmental noise or sounc collage for radioplays. «Radio Rabotnik» stands for references to the medium itself, a kind of modernist approach to radio. They believe in a broad and social definition of radio as an effect of regulation atmospheres: « An environmental radio to help supporting and regulating social rhythms without being deterministic in a totalitarian sense like conventional radio often promotes a misleading interpretation of services.»
As opposed to conventional TV, the montage applied by «Radio Rabotnik-TV Amsterdam» is consistently artistic while, at the same time, it insists on making television and video art for television. So the whole program is art as Grootveld states: «We are making television and not video art.»