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Annemarie Schleiner «Velvet Strike»
Annemarie Schleiner, «Velvet Strike», 2002
Screenshot | © Annemarie Schleiner


Works by Annemarie Schleiner:

Velvet Strike

action in public space

 Annemarie Schleiner

Anne-Marie Schleiner is engaged in gaming and net culture in a variety of roles as a writer, critic, curator, and gaming artist/designer . Her work investigates avatar gender construction, computer gaming culture, and hacker art. She has curated online exhibits of game mods [i.e., modifications] and add-ons including the exhibits «Cracking the Maze: Game Patches and Plug-ins as Hacker Art», «Mutation.fem», and «Snow Blossom House.» She runs a web site focused on game hacks and open source digital art forms called «».