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Schöffer, Nicolas; Henry, Pierre; Nikolais, Alwin «Kyldex»
Schöffer, Nicolas; Henry, Pierre; Nikolais, Alwin, «Kyldex», 1973
© Schöffer, Nicolas; Henry, Pierre; Nikolais, Alwin


Works by Schöffer, Nicolas; Henry, Pierre; Nikolais, Alwin:


Germany | Concept: Schöffer, Nicolaus | Director: Nikolais, Alvin | Music: Henry, Pierre | Participants: Carlson, Carolyn; Hermans, Emery | Edition / Production: Oper Hamburg | interactive dance performance

 Schöffer, Nicolas; Henry, Pierre; Nikolais, Alwin

Nicolaus Schöffer
born 1912 in Kalocsa (H); lived in Paris since 1936, became French in 1948 and died in Paris in 1992. Studied at the Jesuit College of Kalocsa ; Doctorate of Law ; Graduate of the School of Fine Arts in Budapest (Hungary). After further studies at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris (Atelier Sabatté) he developped a very personal style of work that eventually led to his cybernetic pioneering art works. His career as creator-inovator includes sculpture, architecture, urbanism, total theatre, tapestry, film, music, teaching and books. In 1954 first sound cybernetic work at the 1st Salon Bâtimat, Paris (F); 1961
first video recording in the history of television: «Variations Luminodynamiques 1» (Télévision Française); 1965 co-founding of GIAP (International Group of Prospective Architecture); various cybernetic sculptures in public space; 1973 KYLDEX first experimental cybernetic show at Hamburg Opera-house; 1980 inauguration of the Nicolas Schöffer Museum in his birth place, Kalocsa (H); elected as a Member of the Institute of France, Fine Arts Academy; the President of the Republic decorates him Commander of the National Order of Merit in the Elysée Palace, Paris (F).