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Jill Scott «Taped»
Jill Scott, «Taped», 1975
© Jill Scott

San Francisco | United States

 Jill Scott

Jill Scott is a nomad, one who has lived and worked in three different continents, the West coast (USA) 1975–1982, Down Under (Australia) 1982–1992 and in Europe 1992–2002. Consequently, her work illustrates the influences of the cultural milieu in these three contrasting times and sites. It represents an ‹herstoric› evolution of three decades where the thematic and technological emphasis has evolved from dualistic (1970s) to pluralist (1980s) concepts and onto complex paradigms of mixed realities and social issues.
Jill Scott's creative explorations in performance art, video art and new media over the last three decades have lead to a much broader concept of the human body, the represented body and the body of the audience. She regards the body as the society and both are interfaces with players and interactive communities, who live not only in the evolving zones of physical reality but also in high-tech-spheres.