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Laetitia Sonami «Lady's Glove»
Laetitia Sonami, «Lady's Glove», 1991
© Laetitia Sonami


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Lady's Glove


Concept: Laetitia Sonami | Hardware: Bert Bongers

 Laetitia Sonami

born 1957 in Paris, since 1975 in USA, lives in Oakland, California. 1975 to 1981, studied Electronic Music, Film, Printing Techniques, Music Technology, Composition and Computer Science, and other subjects, at the Boston School of Fine Arts, University of Vincennes (France), and Mills College, Oakland. In her «performance novels,» she weaves storytelling, music, and everyday sounds to emotional stories. Developed original interfaces or controllers such as «Lady's Glove,» able to interpret complex gestures using sensors for pressure, movement, and space, thus giving her the possibility to produce live music with the entire body and achieve in this way great levels of intimacy and spontaneity.