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In 2001, Sebastian Lütgert / Rolux started the project » Gnutenberg.» The project is located in Berlin and runs under the catchy motto we are the & in copy & paste. As a genuine Bastard version of Project Gnutenberg, is a Warez database. The database contains all kinds of texts by institutions and individuals such as Theodor W. Adorno, Douglas Adams, Klaus Theweleit, Kathy Acker, and even the autonomous a.f.r.i.k.a. group. The texts come from different sources. Sometimes authors post them, and sometimes members find them on the Web and feed them into the database. With the help of scanners and text identification software, printed texts are also converted into ASCII files. Sebastian Lütgert introduced the project stating that napster was only the beginning, and thus verbalized his angry rejection of all organized corporate piracy.

(Sources: Vali Djordjevic, Nützliche Tools für den Netzintellektuellen. Minordomo und aus dem Hause Rolux (Useful tools for intellectual Web users. Minordomo and by Rolux), in: Telepolis, July 23, 2001; a.s.ambulanzen, napster was only the beginning. an introduction to, in: Rohrpost, 15.3.2001)