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Robert Whitman «Two Holes of Water – 3» | Two Holes of Water - 3
Robert Whitman, «Two Holes of Water – 3», 1966
Two Holes of Water - 3 | Photography | Photograph: Robert L. McElroy | ©

New York | United States | 7 cars with TV projectors, TV cameras, small video camera with fibreglass optic, microphones | Concept: Robert Whitman | Participants: Trisha Brown, Mimi Stark, Jackie Leavitt, Susanna di Maria, Les Levine | audiovisual performance

 Robert Whitman

* 1935 in New York City. Lives and works in Warwick, New York.
1953–1957 B.A. in English Literature at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, New Brunswick; 1958 studies art history at Columbia University, New York, and first one-person exhibition; 1960 first theater work; 1963–1964 Cinema Pieces; 1968–1972 vice-president and active member of the association Experiments in Art and Technology; his work is situated between art and technology, installation and performance.