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Jud Yalkut «Video Commune» | Live Broadcast, 1970
Jud Yalkut, «Video Commune» Beatles from beginning to end - An experiment for television, 1965 – 1971
Live Broadcast, 1970 | Videostill | ©

New York | United States | 8' 42" | Camera: Yalkut, Jud | Edition / Production: WGBH-TV / WGBX-TV | Archive / Collection: ZKM Videosammlung, Karlsruhe

 Jud Yalkut

b 1938 in New York City. As an underground filmmaker and video artist, Jud Yalkut participated in seminal moments of early video art. In 1965 Yalkut became a resident filmmaker for USCO, a countercultural collective. Starting in 1966 and continuing into the 1970's, he collaborated with Nam June Paik on a series of video-film pieces in which he used the medium of film not merely to document performances, but, through editing and juxtaposition, to create conversations between film and video.