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1. icon: author Verena Kuni «Mythical Bodies II. Cyborg configurations as formations of (self-)creation in the imagination space of technological (re)production (II): The promises of monsters and posthuman anthropomorphisms»
A Journey Through Shifting Identities» (1999), Hans Scheirl's cyborg splatter science fiction «Dandy Dust» (1998), and Shu Lea Cheang's science [more]more
2. icon: author Yvonne Volkart «Monstrous Bodies: The Disarranged Gender Body as an Arena for Monstrous Subject Relations»
the same time they are also their resistant traversals and effects. The protagonists who appear in media art projects such as «Dandy Dust,» «I.K.U.,» «Dollspace,» or «Host» embody these kinds of unruly and distopian/utopian [more]more
3. icon: author Marie-Luise Angerer «Postsexual Bodies. The Making of ... Desire, Digital»
bases, but instead political, sexual markings that can be charged with meaning according to the prevailing context. «Dandy Dust» (1998) by Hans Scheirl is an impressive cinematic example of this. This film is not concerned either with cyberspace or [more]more