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1. icon: author Yvonne Volkart «Monstrous Bodies: The Disarranged Gender Body as an Arena for Monstrous Subject Relations»
and effects. The protagonists who appear in media art projects such as «Dandy Dust,» «I.K.U.,» «Dollspace,» or «Host» embody these kinds of unruly and distopian/utopian cyborgs. [19] The Fluid Femaleness of the [more]more
2. icon: author Yvonne Volkart «Unruly Bodies. The Effect Body As a Place of Resistance»
Monstrous Desire Like White Trash Girl, Doll Yoko, the protagonist of the net and hypertext-specific ghost fiction «Dollspace,» literally comes out of the marsh. This work by the Australian artist Francesca da Rimini originated from the [more]more