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1. icon: author Verena Kuni «Cyborg configurations as formations of (self-)creation in the fantasy space of technological creation (I): Old and new mythologies of ‹artificial humans›»
things one comes across the «artist gene,» the force behind which is Eduardo Kac and his works such as «Genesis» (1999ff.) and «Alba,» as well as the «GFP Bunny» (2000ff.) [41] Rapoport's protagonists [more]more
2. icon: author Ingeborg Reichle «Transgenic Bodies. Where Art and Science Meet: Genetic Engineering in Contemporary Art1 Art and science»
K-9» (1998), a bioluminescent dog, «GFP Bunny» (2000), a green-glowing rabbit, the installation «Genesis» (1998–1999), and the transgenic Netinstallation «The Eighth Day.» With these works, Kac puts up a new [more]more