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1. icon: author Rudolf Frieling «Reality/Mediality Hybrid Processes Between Art and Life»
in a studio without an audience now became a performative act in which the viewer was likewise isolated (as in «Live-Taped Video Corridor» 1970). This attitude, which isolates the first person in both the processes of production and reception, was in line [more]more
2. icon: author Heike Helfert «Technological Constructions of Space-Time Aspects of Perception»
camera is particularly powerful in spatial situations that include the observer. For example, Bruce Nauman produces in «Live-Taped Video Corridor» (1969–1970) irritations of the experience of space and time caused by the feeling of physical presence or [more]more
3. icon: author Inke Arns «Social Technologies Deconstruction, subversion, and the utopia of democratic communication»
treatments of social surveillance devices include Vito Acconci («Following Piece,» 1969), Bruce Nauman («Live-Taped Video Corridor,» 1969–1970; «Video Surveillance Piece: Public Room, Private Room,» 1969–1970) and Dan Graham [more]more
4. icon: author Inke Arns «Interaction, Participation, Networking: Art and Telecommunication»
closed-circuit installations to confront spectators with their own mediated image, while in Bruce Nauman's «Live-taped Video Corridor» (1970) the viewers found themselves being radically conditioned. These interactive installations were the first to meet [more]more