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1. icon: author Dieter Daniels «Television-Art or anti-art? Conflict and cooperation between the avant-garde and the mass media in the 1960s and 1970s»
to join in. He continued this open concept for WHGB in 1970 with the four-hour live broadcast «Video Commune.» The Videosynthesizer[54] developed by Paik and Shuya Abe was used to generate and manipulate electronic images, accompanied by Beatles music. The [more]more
2. icon: author Heike Helfert «Technological Constructions of Space-Time Aspects of Perception»
Emshwiller also explored the technical possibilities of image editing, and in so doing further developed them, for example the Paik/Abe Synthesizer[33] (1969), which is named after them. In 1970, Stephen Beck developed the so-called Direct Video Synthesizer, which makes [more]more