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1. icon: author Rudolf Frieling «Reality/Mediality Hybrid Processes Between Art and Life»
re-coded, such liberation is not to be had value-free, let alone free from power structures. Valie Export's «Tapp- und Tastkino,» a street action staged in collaboration with Peter Weibel as market-crier («Leap over the boundaries!») in [more]more
2. icon: author Inke Arns «Social Technologies Deconstruction, subversion, and the utopia of democratic communication»
in places today—and were perceived by the public above all as women.»[37] Valie Export strapped the «Tapp und Tastkino» to her chest [more]more
3. icon: author Inke Arns «Interaction, Participation, Networking: Art and Telecommunication»
as «situations reflecting upon the relationship between viewer and medium.»[13] Valie Export's noted «Tap and Touch Cinema» (1968), which made interactivity ‹graspable› as a direct, sensory and tactile experience, presented a [more]more