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1. icon: author Ingeborg Reichle «Transgenic Bodies. Where Art and Science Meet: Genetic Engineering in Contemporary Art1 Art and science»
[1] Editorial note: Because for cost reasons it was not possible for us to have Ingeborg Reichle's original contribution to Media Art Net translated, we have abridged and edited one of her previously published essays entitled «Where Art and Science Meet: Genetic Engineering in Contemporary Art,» which appeared in Kunst Texte, 2/2003, no pagination. In addition to discussing transgenetic art, in her original contribution for «Cyborg Bodies» Reichle also discusses so-called «artificial life art.» She mentions artists and projects such as «A-Volve » by Christa Sommerer and Laurent Mignonneau, the artists' group, the interactive installation «TechnoSphere» by Jane Prophet, «Genetic Images » by Karl Sims, as well as the works «The Evolution of Form» (1990), «The Conquest of Form» (1990), «The Process of Evolution» (1990) and «Mutations» (1991), «The Garden of Unearthly Delights» (1993) and «Organic Art—The Art of William Latham» by William Latham in collaboration with the software developer Stephen Todd. An important artist in this context is also the so-called «zoo semiotician» Louis Bec with his computer simulations in the project «Prolegomena.» [more]more