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Lynn Hershman

Lynn Hershman


To create an Artificial Intelligent character who will take advantage of social responses to current events and participate in the real world. She will be a socially intelligent and aware agent who will be capable of learning and evaluating current news events and relaying them immediately to users who will have real time live lip sync animation..


This agent will converse with users, remember their questions and names, and ultimately be able to recognize their voices and have moods corresponding with whether or not she likes them. Her mood may also be affected directly by Web traffic.


What is unique about this character, DiNA, is that , being a ubiquitous and intelligent agent, she will be tied to the internet, and latest news, within 3 seconds will enter both her brain and speech.
Thus she will be an expert on current changing events and even propose to run for President. She will wage a campaign for both actual and virtual election and will be capable of collecting votes on varying issues and use the posts to distribute “Dina’s Collected World Opinions. She will use Pulse 3D Veeper System in her live synchronized animated speech.


She will live both on line as well as in an installation inside a VOTING BOOTH. The VOTING BOOTH will allow users confession like intimacy with DiNA, and will allow users to actually cast their vote. She will be downloadable to palms and talk to people as they tour various spaces near the exhibition.

DiNA will have the capability to:

1) Talk
2) Use voice recognition and synthesis
3) Be keyed into internet information that can form the bases of current responses to news items.
4) Be designed to collect users votes.
5) Be downloadable
6) Have animated facial features that mirror actual real time words by using the 3d Veepers Pulse System.

By Lynn Hershman c. 2004

Programmed in AIML with VEEPERS 3D by Colin Klingman