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Themesicon: navigation pathArt and Cinematographyicon: navigation pathImmersion/Participation
»That's the Only Now I Get« Immersion and Participation in Video Installations by Dan Graham, Steve McQueen, Douglas Gordon, Doug Aitken, Eija-Liisa Ahtila, Sam Taylor-Wood
icon: authorUrsula Frohne

Text Summary

Film Stills (Sherman, Cindy)Body Press (Graham, Dan), 1970Deadpan (McQueen, Steve), 1997Steamboat Bill Jr. (Keaton, Buster), 1928Shoot (Burden, Chris), 197124 Hour Psycho (Gordon, Douglas)Electric Earth (Aitken, Doug), 1999Anne, Aki and God (Ahtila, Eija-Liisa), 1998Third Party (Taylor-Wood, Sam), 1999