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but a process of actualization, interpretation and re-impression, as Derrida calls it. So the data collection process takes place beyond conscious ordering. Showing this in its media performance is one of the key aspects of all artistic work with databases, archives and displays.

Thinking of the archive as an open, dynamic system also means replacing the intransitive term with the transitive, and processual ‹archiving› and the ‹store› with the ‹generator›, means «[…] following a (one's) inventory- or catalogue-structure, which is open in principle—an index form that IT long since rediscovered as a hypercard.» [51] But there is still a long way to go to an interlinked map of transmedial archiving processes, and it is a way that will always come up against the inertia of people and language. This resistance reminds us not to pursue the hubris of linking everything with everything else.

Translation by Michael Robinson