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The Archive, the Media, the Map and the Text
icon: authorRudolf Frieling

Text Summary

The File Room (Muntadas, Antoni), 1994The Naturalist Gathers; Installation/Index (Blau, Douglas), 1992Movie-Drome (VanDerBeek, Stan), 1963Things Spoken (Hegedüs, Agnes), 1998Manuscript (Lanz, Eric), 1994Soft Cinema (Manovich, Lev), 2002GeneralArts (Plewe, Daniela Alina), 2003Net Art Generator (Sollfrank, Cornelia), 1999non weddings (Bruno, Christophe), 2002Valence (Fry, Benjamin), 1999Poetry Machine 1.0 (Link, David), 2001WebStalker (I/O/D), 1998The Legible City (Shaw, Jeffrey), 1988Apartments (Wattenberg, Martin), 2001Mnemosyne-Atlas (Warburg, Aby M.), 1924EARTH (Klima, John), 2001In Transit (Pinsky, Michael), 2001InterMaps (Celis, Ismael), 2003Conversation Map (Sack, Warren), 1997Conversation Map (Sack, Warren), 1997IO_dencies (Knowbotic Research), 1997Datacloud 2.0 (V2_Lab), 19999 (Nine) (Harwood, Graham), 20039 (Nine) (Harwood, Graham), 2003Carnivore (RSG), 2000Mnemosyne-Atlas (Warburg, Aby M.), 1924