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Artistic Concepts Linked to the Transition from Analog to Digital Photography
icon: authorAnette Hüsch

Text Summary

The Pencil of Nature (Talbot, Henry Fox), 1844Dead Troops Talk (Wall, Jeff), 1992Montparnasse (Gursky, Andreas), 1993Big Brother (Stalin, Mussolini, Mao, Hitler, Khomeini) (Burson, Nancy), 1983Ficticious Porträts (Cottingham, Keith), 1992Nudes (Ruff, Thomas), 2002The Dystopia Series; Maria (Aziz, Anthony; Cucher, Sammy), 1994Sasja 90–60–90 (van Lamsweerde, Inez), 1992The Forest (van Lamsweerde, Inez), 1995Undo (Tandberg, Vibeke)Old Man going Up and Down a Staircase (Tandberg, Vibeke), 2003Affaires infinie (Hoffmann, Bettina)The Perfect Crime (Tabrizian, Mitra), 2003Beyond the Limits (Tabrizian, Mitra), 2000Speckergruppen Bildings (Specker, Heidi), 19969137, 2004 (Sasse, Jörg), 20048626, 1999 (Sasse, Jörg), 1999Landscapes (Pfeiffer, Paul), 2000