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physical basis in Delhi, India. It focuses on many more different levels of communication, research and development than the other examples presented in this section. In the context of art in the Public Domain 2.0, Sarai is most interesting because of its ambitious and inspiring focus on media criticism and creative commons in Asia.

Netartreview (NAR) [EL] was initiated by Eduardo Navas, again an artist. He writes in e-mail: «NAR is a resource for anyone to express a critical voice and for others to learn about art. … We have a format that is loose enough to let collaborators write in any given style, while being specific about the subjects that are covered. …The focus of Net Art Review demands that the writers take their contributions much more seriously than posting to a list.»

Writer Marc Garret is one of two Furtherfield [EL] initiators. Garret was also involved in and About Furtherfield as an alternative to Rhizome he writes in e-mail: «One thing I would like to mention is that the Internet would be an emptier place without Rhizome, and I just hope that the people who run Rhizome feel the same way about us. Bring on the


other soft groups to offer their own alternatives—there is more than just one or two ways, we have found ours, we mutate accordingly.» When asked what it is Furtherfield offers that is specific, he writes: «Flexibility, respect and a move beyond institutionally biased history making». Both Furtherfield and Netartreview provide some of the art criticism that was so lacking in online discourses before. They are not just alternatives to Rhizome, but also very much an addition to it. Netartreview offers many fast, short reviews, whereas Furtherfield seems a little bit more slow and in-depth. Both offer what Rhizome and other online publication platforms also offer: a chance for the public to present its own views and enter or alter various art discourses.

Empyre is a very active and interesting mailing list for all kinds of art practitioners. It works along themes with invited guests, and the exchanges on the list are usually of high quality. «‹-empyre-› started as the textual aspect of a multi-user 3D environment ‹Empyrean›,» explains Melinda Rackham in an email. «It was intended as an intimate list, as a way of discussing aspects of online culture, 3d culture, media arts

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