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art club berlin «art club berlin»
art club berlin, «art club berlin», 1997
Photograph: Joachim Grommek | © art club berlin

art club berlin «art club berlin»art club berlin «art club berlin»art club berlin «art club berlin»

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Germany | Photograph: Joachim Grommek

 art club berlin
«art club berlin»

‘Art club berlin', a model exhibition founded on the premise that exhibitions are places of communication, operates as a travelling club, with changing locations and no permanent display. The provision of information, communication and relaxation is here viewed as a service, and the interdisciplinary reciprocity of art and theory as programmatic. Constant features, presented in changing constellations, are a videotheque with the latest work by video artists from Germany and abroad, music presented by DJs, talk shows, publications and new magazines by artists. Founded in 1997 by the curators Kathrin Becker and Klara Wallner as an international forum for video work, ‘art club berlin' was first presented in 1997, at the art forum berlin and, the following year, in Vienna, Barcelona and Berlin again. The first ‘art club berlin' was the work of Angela Bulloch (Britain); the music was provided by MEGO (A), Pickadelic (D) and rastermusic/noton: archiv für ton und nichtton (D).