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Woody Vasulka «Artifacts»
Woody Vasulka, «Artifacts», 1980
Videostill | © Woody Vasulka

Woody Vasulka «Artifacts»Woody Vasulka «Artifacts»Woody Vasulka «Artifacts»Woody Vasulka «Artifacts»Woody Vasulka «Artifacts» | play video
United States | 22' 46" | Edition / Production: TV Lab WNET 13, New York | Archive / Collection: ZKM Videosammlung, Karlsruhe | video tape

 Woody Vasulka

Exploring the computer image in shades of grey pixels frame by frame and in real time. A visualization of the concept of «sharing the creative process with the machine». The image itself reveals the process of its construction. By freezing the image of a vibrating circle or a moving hand, the viewer becomes aware of the process that only the moving image represents a form whereas the frozen image is unformed digital matter. Sound is Electronically generated, the image by using the Digital Image Articulator by Jeffrey Schier and Woody Vasulka.


ZKM Videosammlung