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David Tudor «Bandoneón !»
David Tudor, «Bandoneón !», 1966
Photography | Photograph: Peter Moore | ©


Categories: Performance

Keywords: Closed-Circuit | Music

New York | United States | 5-Sekunden Echo, Videoprojektor, Vocoder, funkgesteuerte Plattformen, TV-Bildschirme. | Concept: David Tudor | Participants: Bob Kieronski, David Behrman, Lowell Cross, Fred Waldhauer | Hardware: Bob Kieronski, David Behrman, Lowell Cross, Fred Waldhauer

 David Tudor
«Bandoneón !»

David Tudor's «Bandoneón» combined sound and visual elements. In this performance photograph Tudor is seated to the left on the performance platform, specially constructed for the Armory space to hold all the electronic equipment and then move it easily onto the floor of the Armory at the time of the performance. Behind him are Bob Kieronski, who is operating a Vocoder, which he designed and built; David Behrman; Lowell Cross, who designed and operated the system for manipulating the images on the video projector; and Fred Waldhauer, who operated his proportional control system for the performance. Two of the wooden structures, to which Tudor attached transducers, and the horn speaker moved around the Armory floor on radio-controlled carts. To the top left can be seen the television projectors and screens. One of the characteristics of the Armory was a 5-second echo, which was a problem for some of the artists. Tudor worked with this long reverberation time, and in effect used the entire Armory as his instrument.