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Heath Bunting «BorderXing Guide»
Heath Bunting, «BorderXing Guide», 2001
Screenshot | Photograph: ZKM | © Heath Bunting

 Heath Bunting
«BorderXing Guide»

Heath Bunting's «BorderXing Guide» Web site primarily consists of documentation of walks that traverse national boundaries, without interruption from customs, immigration, or border police. The work comments on the way in which movement between borders is restricted by governments and associated bureaucracies.
BorderXing Guide website
The website is not available to everyone who has an Internet connection. People wishing to view the website must physically travel to one of the listed designated locations, or apply to become an authorised client themselves. The project intends a reversal of the way that borders restrict movement and challenge the supposed liberties that accompany the concept of the Internet as a borderless space.
If you are at a Internet terminal authorised by the artist, go to to view the work. The full work can be accessed from all Tate terminals, as well as numerous other locations listed on the site.
If you would like your network address to be added to the list of authorised locations, send it to Please note that only static IP addresses will be considered as authorised clients.

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