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Timm Ulrichs «Checked Baggage»
Timm Ulrichs, «Checked Baggage», 1975 – 1987
Photograph: Michel Eram | © Timm Ulrichs

Timm Ulrichs «Checked Baggage»Timm Ulrichs «Checked Baggage»

Categories: Photography | Installation

Keywords: Object | Surveillance

Germany | Photograph: Michel Eram

 Timm Ulrichs
«Checked Baggage»

The photo-series ‘Checked Baggage' documents the ‘inner life' – shaped and framed to form rectangular assemblages – of x-rayed suitcases and bags belonging to random passengers at a German airport (Hanover-Langenhagen) and as seen on the screen during the deep, penetrating and voyeuristic scrutiny of an x-ray apparatus (Heiman HI-SCAN 9050) used for security purposes. The photographer, subjected to the same treatment and intensive scrutiny as the baggage and contents likewise reveals what lies beneath the skin – skeleton, innards and intestines. Following a concept devised in 1975, the photographic results were recorded on 30 June 1987 in Langenhagen.


Timm Ulrichs