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André Malraux «Das imaginäre Museum» | das-imaginaere-museum
André Malraux, «Das imaginäre Museum», 1950
das-imaginaere-museum | Photography | © André Malraux
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Source: Rosalind Krauss, »Das Schicksalsministerium«, in: Herta Wolf (Hg.), Paradigma Fotografie. Fotokritik am Ende des fotografischen Zeitalters, Bd. 1, Frankfurt/Main 2002, S. 395.


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 André Malraux
«Das imaginäre Museum»

The image shows André Malraux among the photographs for his volume «Les Voix du Silence,» in which he developed his concept for the ‹imaginary museum›. What the photographs form on the floor is an archival grid compiling, side by side, the most diverse objects from diverse epochs and cultures.